In your opinion what is the largest reason people choose to be eco friendly?



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    I think that the main reason people are choosing to go green is that they’re concerned about the future of the planet, and they’re finally recognizing that it’s up to them to do something about it.  Until very recently, most people were quite ignorant of the environmental and social impact their actions and lifestyles had.  As the realities of the human impact on the world become more and more apparent (and less and less denyable) people are finally beginning to see the importance of taking personal responsibility for their actions.  It’s a shame that things had to get so bad before people were willing to acknowledge their personal role in maintaining the health of the planet, but it’s great that we’re getting there now.

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    Altruism would be the most simple explanation, but there is some debate on whether altruism actually exists or not. Doing something to help the environment could be based on an expectation that doing a good deed will eventually come back to help you or your offspring. It is believed that all living beings, including people, have an instinctive drive to protect the well-being of their offspring. After all, we wouldn’t even be here if the people before us didn’t care for us.

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    People are choosing to be eco-friendly out of survival I think.  We are a wasteful species that has not focused on maintaining homeostasis with our environment.  We use more resources than we make.  Therefore, it is only a matter of time before we use them all up and our growing population will peak before we start to die off due to disease, malnutrition, famine, etc. 

    Well, that is not entirely true.  This decline of the human race is not inevitable.  The green/sustainability movement has been building momentum as more of us can see the end in sight.  I think that the life of humanity can be compared to the life of an individual person.  We do a lot of things out of necessity.  Many of us need deadlines to finish assignments or pay our bills.  Many of us do what we need to do at the last possible moment, but we get it done.  I believe that the survival instinct of the human race will kick in before it is too late.  It might not be pretty.  Like a person locked in a car that is sinking to the bottom of the bay, humanity will pry open the car doors of our sinking planetary health and swim to the surface for fresh air.

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