In your opinion what is the best looking hybrid car?



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    I like the Toyota Prius. It’s kind of smooth looking (especially the 2010 model), but also sort of cute looking. The Nissan Altima is also nice, though it doesn’t look quite a slick as the Prius.

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    Recently, Porsche unveiled its hybrid, sports model, the 918 SRS.  I think it is the best looking hybird on the market today. 

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    Even though it has a funny shape, I really like the Toyota Prius as well. I think its designed very well and like that you don’t have to have a key in the ignition for the car to start. As long as its in your purse, you can just hit the power button. What a dream!

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    While feathe918 makes a very strong case for the Porsche, I feel like the Honda Insight is very sleek and attractive car.  Plus, the Insight is something most people can consider as a car while a Porsche remains a distant dream for most. 

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