In your opinion what is the best charity to give money to?



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    The American Institute of Philanthropy rates charities off their percentage of funds that actually go towards the cause.  Some charities spend lots of money on fundraising event or paying employees/CEOs.  A charity which gives around 75% of its income to the charitable cause is given an “A” rating.   A number of charities receive A+ ratings, they include,

    • Child Find of America
    • Breast Cancer Research Foundation
    • Animal Welfare Institute
    • Alaska Conservation Foundation

    There are more A+ rated charities than this, but I believe any number of A+ charities would be the best to donate to because it ensures that your money is actually being put towards your cause.

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    Thanks for that website, andyyeah. I had no idea it existed but I’m glad it does and I’ll definitely be using it. I was happy to see that under their environmental section, the Sierra Club Foundation got an A+. The Sierra Club Foundation funds the Sierra Club (as well as other environmental groups), which has recently succeeded in either shutting down or preventing the construction of 150 coal plants, some of which will instead pursue clean energy sources. I like to give to the Sierra Club because I they gve you updates about the work that they are doing and I feel that they are responsible in the way that they use their donations.

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    All charities deserve money – they all help and support those who need it.  It seems like many smaller charities are overlooked or forgotten about.  Perhaps you could donate to a small charity in your community.  Local humane societies and VFW’s always need help and often times don’t get the support they need.  

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    I don’t think it is technically a charity, but the ACLU is responsible for rights protections which allow free debate to occur in America.  A great environmentalist charity is, “Heifer International”.  Heifer international provides heritage breed cows to economically disadvantaged people all over the world.  The goal is to create a more sustainable future for agriculture and people alike.

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