In your opinion is Wal Mart a green company?



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    No way! Wal-mart has a long history of environmental negligence, having been involved in numerous water-contamination scandals in construction projects and improper handling/storage of fertilizers and pesticides. Wal-mart is also growing at a rapid rate, and new stores are opening every other day, but no one is doing anything about the fact that they’re spear-heading a mass destruction of our country’s lush and valuable farmland. They try to cover up their run-ins with the environment by giving a tiny percentage of their revenue to environmental causes, but it’s much easier to not hurt the environment in the first place, rather than paying someone else to clean up after you. Aside from that, they sell so much plastic – awful. That’s my opinion.

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    I would definitely say no.  They are cheaper because they take advantage of cheap labor in other countries that also have poor environmental standards.  Additionally they sell many shoddy goods that break quicker and pile up in landfills.  The threat to small business might not seem like a sustainability issue but I have found small businesses work with the community much more than large ones do.  All around, no I definitely do not think they are a green company.

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    Greenwashed, yes. Green, no. Any company that manufactures goods using cheap materials and inexpensive labor in one part of the world, and then ships is to another part of the world to sell could not be “green.” The ecological footprint is huge! Plus, all the packaging creates waste, and the products themselves are mostly plastic crap. 

    Also, I saw a Wal-Mart Super Center get built. I saw acres and acres of farmland and woodland level for a huge parking lot and expansive building. That can’t be “green,” to take farmland and put in a big box retail store that produces more consumer waste for the landfills. Huge parking lots also leads to run-off in the groundwater and traffic congestion (air pollution, carbon footprint, obesity sitting in the car.)

    The entire concept of Wal-Mart, and all its competitors is entirely opposite of anything truly sustainable or environmentally interested. Its campaign is one of greenwashing, to market itself as “eco-friendly” and jump on the consumer bandwagon with no true analysis or triple bottom line investment.

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