In your mind who is the greenest leader of a country?



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    I cannot say for certain who has been the “greenest” in the past. Being a leader of a country requires a lot of balancing acts, and there is a seemingly constant tug-of-war between heavy industry and the environment. The country needs heavy industry, but we also need to protect our natural resources. Much has been done in the past few decades in terms of improvements toward a greener way of doing things (the Tao of Green, one might say), but there is certainly much more to be done.

    Diplomacy is another issue. We can do much to make America greener, but now other countries are beginning to industrialize to levels that need some controls. However, those controls were not in place when we were industrializing, so other countries may look at us attempting to impose “green” restrictions on certain kinds of industrialization, and think that we are only trying to limit their industrialization.

    It makes me very thankful that I am not the President. 🙂

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