In your eyes what is the prettiest time of the year?



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    I like autumn a lot. Here are some photos:

    Willamette Valley in the autumn.

    King Estate, one of the local wineries.

    Lake Oswego trees.

    Carson River in the autumn.

    It’s hard to find pictures that capture exactly what I like about the season, though.  I like evergreens against overcast skies, and trees just starting to shed their leaves.  And of course I like that the temperature is low enough that I can go outside to enjoy all these things without being wildly uncomfortable 🙂

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    I love the autumn in Maryland.  We get extreme heat and humidity in the summer, so fall season brings a nice break from the heat before it gets extremely cold in the winter.  The foliage in fall is breathtaking also.

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    I’m from Florida, so I always enjoyed the three to six weeks that we get of winter each year. All other seasons seem to equate to summer. Unfortunately no turning of the leaves or anything along that vein. Hurricane season always seemed to bring pleasant weather, I’m sure I would say otherwise if my city had ever been directly hit.

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    I’m here in the Bay Area, and I think right now is the most beautiful time of the year. The summer is winding down and once the autumnal effect kicks in, with golden and auburn leaves littering the streets, the crunchy dried ones begging to be crushed underfoot, well, it’s a beautiful sight. 

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    For me it depends where I’m at.  Although the East Coast can get ugly in any season really, fall is quite lovely and basically makes up for all of the other weather ‘stuff’ they have to put up with the rest of the year.  The air is crisp, it smells like fireplaces and s’mores in the evenings and the changing trees are awe-inspiring. 

    On the West Coast (Cali specifically) it’s actually quite beautiful all year round but the summer is my favorite.  The sun is shining (basically every day), the weather is perfectly hot and the water at the beach is so warm you could spend the entire day floating on the waves. 

    Although I’ve never been, I’ve heard Colorado is magnificent as well!

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    I love the winter time, especially in Southern California. We have our lowest smog levels during this time, which makes the skies a lot clearer and perfect for star gazing. Our winters don’t really get that cold either, so outdoor activities are still an option! It’s just a shame it’s a bit too cold to go to the beach…

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