From your experience, what are some beautiful flowering perennial vines that will grow up my trellis?

I live in Washington, DC and I will be growing this vine on my apartment balcony. Half the balcony is sunny, half is shaded all day.



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    Perennial peas (sweet peas) are quite beautiful – replete with curly tendrils and multicolored flowers – and relatively easy to maintain. What’s more, they’ll give you something delicious to eat:

    They’re originally from Europe but now are common over a big swath of the United States, especially the Northeast.

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      Great, thanks for the suggestion! These perennial peas are quite beautiful – just what I was looking for!

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    Wisteria is a lovely perennial vine which bears fragrant flowers, but it grows a little too well and often can take over a garden.  I don’t think that will be a problem for you, but check local regulations since it is considered an invasive species in some places.  Similar to wisteria is the trumpet vine.  It’s really quite lovely, but can crowd out other plants.  Akebia has very pretty leaves and its small flowers smell like chocolate.  Clematis is very versatile, there are types for every environment and its available in almost every color.  


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    Morning Glories are nice, but they are also very invasive, depending on where you live.  Honeysuckle also grows well (and has tasty nectar!), but can take over a yard. I would go for the clemantis

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      Woa, I had no idea morning glories came in a perennial variety – interesting. I ended up going with clematis, which is beautiful, thanks!

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