you area team manager having 15 members in your team.Two of your keyteam members are on 3-weeks have to call for a monthly team meeting within a effectivelyyou would planand carry out this meetings?



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    I would set up a meeting via skype. While even-though two of your members are on vacation they are most likely still close to a computer. Work with them and set up a time and give them instructions on how to login to the conference. You can then have a large screen and hook the computer up to speakers so you and the rest of the meeting can hear their input.

    Many businesses use skype every week with traveling associates. It is also used with many clients as it saves the company from having to send a representative to the customer, but still gives the customer a face-to-face talk with the business.

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    Cox01 proposed a great idea with the Skype meeting. If you don’t have a computer or the mechanisms to have skype, a simple conference call could also be an effective way to have a meeting. I’ve sat in on board meetings where not everyone could be there, so they used a phone in “speaker mode” in the middle of the table and people who were away called into the meeting. You don’t have the added benefit of being able to see the people like you would on Skype. But with a phone conference call everyone can hear and be heard. 

    Also making sure someone is keeping minutes/notes during the meeting can be useful in case the people calling or Skyping in miss something. If someone takes good notes, everyone will be on the same page later on. 

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    Both previous answers are good ones. I would also consider something like This is a virtual meeting site that has face-to-face as an option for those employees that may be sick or on maternity leave and feel uncomfortable with Skype. They can just do the audio option. Everything about the meeting including the agenda, minutes, and notes are uploadable, so your employees on leave can stay on top of what’s going on. There is also an option to view or listen to the meeting at a later time if they are unable to participate. If they don’t have a computer at home, the library or a community computer lab may be an option for those who can still be mobile while away from work.

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