Is Yoga a type of green workout?



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    I was just pondering what some green workouts the other day and counted yoga as one of them.   You don’t really need any special equipment to practice yoga, you can even do it in a park or at the beach with just a beach towel and some comfortable clothes.  If you do practice yoga in a studio, it will often be with the lights out an maybe only a stereo running for some soothing music. You can buy mats made from organic cotton or jute if you want to have a more eco-friendly mat, and can find yoga clothes made from bamboo fibers.  While one of the most eco-friendly workouts I thought of was to run barefoot on the beach, yoga is certainly much less energy consuming than running on a treadmill.

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    I think there is another aspect of yoga that fits in with the “being green” concept, and that is the awareness it is supposed to bring with practice. There are so many types of yoga, but what they all share is the idea of paying attention (to your breath, the mechanics of your body movements, and the way you move through the world.) This may include: the “footprints” you leave behind, your living-style choices–whether they are choices that are conscious of others (including the planet and all its beings)–higher-living, and the changes you have the power to make. All of this can play a role in “green” living.

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    Sure, you don’t need to use a machine or any electricity, and you can do it outdoors. They even make biodegradable yoga mats now, with all-natural fibers.

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