Is yoga a green exercise?



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    Yes, yoga encourages respecting your environment and being at one with your environment versus damaging it and fighting against it. Also, yoga encourages a peaceful, and compassionate attitude which could not only be carried over to yourself, but to others and to the environment as well.

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    Yes, you can use a biodegradable yoga mat (a recent innovation, found at many major stores now), and do your practice outdoors during the day, without any electricity. It’s also good for your internal environment, encouraging a healthy body and mind.

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    Can be. Yoga does not incorporate much equipment so that is good. Yoga classes are held in studios and rooms and for the most part, it is green considering the alternative, which is a gym which eat energy like a very hungry kid eating pizza.

    NOT GREEN is this. Hot yoga, bikram yoga, forrest yoga, power yoga, tribalance yoga. In case of Bikram yoga, the room is 105 degrees F and has 40% humidity. Depends on how they get this energy and for how long they leave it on, and insulation, but I would imagine it uses a lot of energy.

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