Is Xeros bead washing machine available in the US?



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    Xeros is a UK international security firm who is recognized for their contribution to the field of private security and military research and development. Xeros has also made contributions to the conservation of water. The firm has developed a revolutionary washing machine that uses 90% less water  than the conventional washing machine, saving its users a 30%  cost on a yearly basis. Xeros’ washing machine uses nylon beads and only about one cup of water to clean clothes. The nylon beads are able to get into all the small crevices of the clothing, can be re-used hundreds of times afterwards and drains away like water at the end of the wash.The beads can be recycled and re-used over and over again.

    It is calculated that if all homes were to use the Xeros machine then 1.2 billion tons of water would be a year. That is a lot of fresh water that would be equivalent to the amount of water that is used to fill up seventeen million swimming pools. The wonderful machinehas been available since 2010 ever since Xeros has made a deal with GreenEarth Cleaning which is based in Kansas city. The contract between Xeros and GreenEarth Cleaning does not mean that ever since 2010 the water-saving washing machine has been available to the general consumer, but only has been available to commercial dry cleaning and laundry operations.

    GreenEarth Cleaning has continued to experiment with Xeros’ washing machine and extensive testing is done to see how the beads clean such materials as silks, embroidered garments, and many other delicate items.

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