write three sentences summarizing the significance of finding water on the moon?



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    The discovery of water on the moon opens up a new area of research about the moon and the solar system as a whole. When NASA found frozen sources of water concentrated near the moon’s south pole, they related its significance to the potential of gaining knowledge about the solar system’s past.

    Just as scientists use polar ice caps here on Earth to learn about our planet’s history, we can do the same with the water on the moon to learn about the history of the solar system. The water on the moon can also be used as a source of drinking water for potential future lunar missions on the moon.

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    Three sentences? Is that a homework assignment? If it is, your teacher doesn’t understand the significance of water on the moon!

    Here’s my shot (since catch22 already gave away most of the answer, anyhow, lol):

    Moon water is important because it lowers the cost of many people inhabiting the moon so significantly, it makes it likely to happen in the next 50 years, instead of the next 100. Since there is a reasonable chance there will be a WWIII in the next 100 years, and that that war could largely destroy humanity, water on the moon might mean the difference of whether the human race survives. Even if that war does not happen (fat chance), global warming and other pressures may cause such economic havoc that no money is available for “extras” such as colonizing space, and the moon water may make a critical economic difference.

    (Ok, so that’s three really long sentences.)

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