Would your Valentine be cool celebrating a green Valentine’s Day?

Or would you end up in the dog house?



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    Yes, I think as long as I put in thought and effort (and love of course) then there is no reason why he would mind. Roses, chocolates, and cards are always nice, but they are definitely not a necessity to show love and romance. Being green for valentine’s day shows that you care enough to put in extra time and thought.

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    I asked him, and he said that sounds fun. The last few have been fairly green anyway. Last year we went on a bike ride, the year before we cross country skiied at night, and I think the year before that we went for a night hike. 

    As for this year, a plan is still in the works, but we’ll make it green.

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    Absolutely. Not only do we both believe in protecting the environment, but Valentine’s isn’t really about what you “do” per say.  It’s about spending time with the one you love!

    If it’s not too cold where you are, it can be really romantic to visit a place of natural beauty with your mate.  Last fall for our anniversary we took a bus out to the beach in Santa Monica. It was gorgeous!

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    Yes!  My bf made sure to buy Valentine’s on recycled paper for his kids.  We will be having organic wine, grass-fed meat and organic veggies – yum!  We were hoping to spend the climbing but I have since sprained my ankle, so our plan is a bit up in the air.  

    I think Sarahtonin said it well – the day is about spending time with the one you love!  And, I would add, telling them what you love about them. 

    Check out the links below for some ideas.

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    Definitely. The tips in the blog are all wonderful – fair trade chocolate, cards printed on recycled paper, and buying local flowers are a wonderful way to show that you care both about your partner and the environment. Saying “I care for you” with flowers grown using illegal pesticides in a tiny factory in Ecuador is not exactly the epitome of love.

    I do agree with the first poster though, Valentine’s Day is about you and your partner. Personally, I think they would definitely be pleased that you made the extra effort.

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