Would you trust farm raised tilapia from China?



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    I think that farm raised tilapia from China is okay. I’ve done some research and have not found that there have been problems in the past with any health concerns over tilapia from China. There are problems with tilapia, mainly the PCB or mercury contents, but this is not particular to China it is a problem with fish from anywhere in the world.

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    I would not.  The Monterey Bay Aquarium, which releases its annual “State of Seafood” report, says that farm-raised U.S. tilapia is one of the best choices you can make to consume seafood sustainably, but that same group also says to avoid farm-raised tilapia from China and Taiwan where “pollution and weak management are common.” 

    In the past, the FDA has banned the import of farm-raised fish from China.  In 2007, it banned catfish, eel, shrimp, basa and dace from China until there was no longer evidence of contamination from certain drugs not permitted to be used on farm-raised fish in the U.S.  With a history like that, and the advice of Monterey Bay, I would avoid the Chinese tilapia.

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