Would you trade in your car for a lifetime of public transit passes?



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    Yes, if I had a car! In all seriousness, I would turn in my car for this benefit. Murcia Spain has such a program (see link below). I think it would heavily depend on what city I was living in. I would jump at the opportunity if I was living in a city with modern public transit, like New York City, Denver, or Paris. It would also make a lot of sense to trade in my car, if the money from trading it in would be put towards a new transit system.

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    Yes!  If this became a common trend the world would be a much better place.  For one, the environmental impact would be much less.  Even in public transit had to be increased, the emissions would be far fewer that if things stayed the way they were (at least in the US) and people continued to drive themselves everywhere rather than biking, walking, or relying on public transit.  The economy would also benefit.  Yes, car sales would significantally decrese, however, companies such as GM, Ford, etc. could focus their abilities on means of public transit.  More jobs would be created!

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    Although I love this idea, I think it would depend where I live and where I’m at in my life. If I was single and living in New York City, then this would be a no brainer offer. However, if I was living in the suburbs with a family, then this wouldn’t look quite as enticing. Even though I’d save money by not having a car, the convenience of owning one with a family would be really hard to give up. I think this kind of points to problems with public transportation in the suburbs in general. Hopefully better options can be made in the future to make this more appealing!

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    Yes, a car is a terrible investment.  When you consider that you have to pay for the car itself, pay for insurance, and pay for gas, a car is just a rolling money pit.  Furthermore, when you try to sell the car it will be worth a fraction of the price which you paid to buy the car.

    The fiscally responsible thing to do would be to take the lifetime public transit pass; you would be saving yourself thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands) of dollars over the course of your lifetime.  There are plenty of other, more efficient, modes of transportation.

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