Would you say that our environment is threatened?



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    I would most definitely say that the environment in threatened. This is pretty much all due to human interaction. Too much has been consumed and not enough has been put back. I think now more attention is being paid to this fact, but not enough is being done; it will take more than a few decades to fix centuries of abuse. I’m most worried about the oceans, the rising mercury level and the amount of pollution. 

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    Definitely! Though modern technology and medicine has, in many ways, improved our lives, it also has adverse effects on the environment. Our population continues to creep up, and with that comes greater consumption. The way in which we’re accustomed to living now is a roadblock to stopping the environmental damage we’re doing. I agree that there’s now more awareness and effort to conserve, but there are still many people who simply refuse to change.

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     I do think that our environment is threatened. It is unfortunate how much humans have used and abused the environment for their own benefit. With the excess consumption and pollution of the environment, the world is suffering. Climate change is an apparent threat to us. Fortunately, there are people who truly do care about the environment and will take necessary actions to help protect it. I hope that in the future, more people will become consciously aware of this and decide to protect the environment also.

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