Would you only eat farm raised fish if they can be developed to be safe and healthy to eat?



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    It’s also important to note that fish-farming spreads disease to wild fish populations, and escaped fishes can dominate ecosystems. If fish farming were able to manage to solve these problems as well, I would consider eating farmed fish.

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    As far as I know, it’s as safe and healthy. However I very rarely see fish products that would have any label that they are farmed so I could distinguish them – or maybe they just aren’t in large supply around here.

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    Tiliapia farms are actually becoming a bit of a shining star in aquaculture… They are starting to develop tiliapia farms on land, which reduces many of the adverse effects seen in ocean fish farms such as those for salmon.  If they could continue this trend, I think farmed fish would be the way to go.  Buuuut not quite yet…

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    Salmon farms are relatively new in the world of commercial fish farming, for quite some time catfish and trout have been farmed throughout the US. Tilapia have become sort of a big deal as of recent but are not without their risks. When farmed in parts of the US that do not have cold enough winters to kill tilapia and the can overwinter their is a risk of their introduction and naturalization into the natural ecosystem. Tilapia are not native to the US and do pose an ecological risk. Whereas as trout and catfish are native species to great portions of the US.

    That said, you can do whatever you want in the world of aquaculture and I still wont only eat hatchery raised fish because I love fishing and I enjoy eating what I catch!

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