Would you kill your plants if you watered them with salt water?



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    Saltwater is toxic for plants because it affects the way plants get nutrients from the soil and the water. Salt that is stored in a plant’s leaves can cause stunting or death by preventing the production of proteins. Saltwater impedes the process of osmosis by separting chloride and sodium in the water and preventing osmosis. When salt levels are high, plants need to use more energy to get water, causing them to die from stress. This also affects transpiration; when roots cannot take up enough water to replace what they are losing, they will wilt and then die.

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    Yes, you will. A pinch of saltwater sprinkled at the base of a weed is actually an effective weed-killer. One of the reasons saltwater is so bad for plants is the process of osmosis – when watered with something that has high concentrations of minerals, the water in the cells of the plants will release minerals themselves in an attempt to balance the concentrations. This dries the plant out completely.

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    Salty water can have a detrimental effect on the health of a plant. Some plants have a higher tolerance for salt than others, but too much salt can cause dehydration through osmosis, which leads to malnourishment, stunted growth, and death. Plants are more vulnerable in hotter weather, and younger plants are more vulnerable than mature plants as well. Sometimes, there can be a presence of salt in your local tap water, as it is commonly used in the water softening process. Should this be the case, purified water is best to use on your plants.

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