Would you ever tattoo yourself to show that you live a green lifestyle?



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    Personally, I don’t feel its visually necessary to express my own lifestyle. I feel my actions are strong enough to prove my point. How about you?

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    No. You should make it clear enough through your lifestyle itself. There are many more productive things that can be done to raise awareness.

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    In fact, getting a tattoo for this reason would be a bit counterproductive. Tattoos are bad for the environment! The tools that tattoo shops use require energy, and therefore CO2 emissions, to be manufactured. Same with the ink. And keeping the tattoo shop lit also results in emissions. All in all, you’re better off trying to raise awareness through other means.

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    As an individual who has tattoos and plans on getting many more, if I had a design that really showed my lifestyle choice of living green then I would consider it.

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