Would you consider Irvine California a green city?



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    Irvine has launched a Green Building program: see http://www.cityofirvine.us/green_build.html.  The Irvine Unified School District is implementing a plan to install solar panels across 21 district sites, which will be California’s largest scale initiative for solar power in public schools.  See: http://www.iusd.org/

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      This is pretty cool I worked for a company that helped with the sun power for schools program in Anaheim. I am curious if they helped at all with this program as well.

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    California is known to be one of the greenest state in the US. I would consider it a fairly green city, it has a small population and good green initiatives. The city also has a good amount of bike roads.

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    The problem with any southern California city is that it takes a lot of work to get water to them and to irrigate all the plants.  This factor alone could prove to be great enough to say that any city in that region is not green. 

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