Would you consider being buried using “green burial” practices?

I am just curious what moves people in their decisions on how they want their body, or the remains of loved ones, to be treated.



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    Yes, I would definitely want to be buried “greenly”.  I don’t want my family to have to deal with the complications of a fussy funeral, expensive caskets and the earth harming components that come with it.  I would prefer it also over cremation because it feels like my body is returning to the earth more than if i were burned into ashes. The earth will be able to decompose my body to nourish itself, where as during cremation, all of my nutritional value is burnt away.  I want to return from whence I came and what has nourished me both physically and spiritually – the Earth.

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    Definitely! Why damage the earth unnecessarily? BUT I would insist upon some kind of permanent marker – not a pompous marble monument but something natural and lasting like an engraved boulder.

    Perpetua’s Garden has the right idea in this respect – green cemeteries that don’t throw away the important traditional functions of cemeteries for humanity.

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    It would be my top priority.  What i do to this earth, and what impact i have upon it, even after my existence, is always at the forefront of my mind.  I believe once you pass on, your physical senses disappear, or at the very least diminish, so what happens to your body shouldn’t matter…why not do what’s best for the overall?

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