Would you consider Americans consumerism excessive?



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    I would, but I also think it is necessary. We have a consumer society, it drives the economy. There is not doubt that there is a lot of excess consumption in America, but it is sure not seen as a problem. 

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    I strongly agree.  The mass consumerism of America is one of the largest pressing issues facing resource production in the world.  It heavily fuels the relentless hunt for oil, wastage of fresh water, the irresponsible use of 3rd world labour, adds unfathomable amounts of waste to the environment, distracts people from real pressing worldly issues, and adds momentary false senses of security and happiness to the consumers (to name a few problems associated with excessive consumption).  

    It is said in research papers and reports that if the entire population of the world consumed at the same rate as the average USA resident, we would need 5 Earths to supply the resources required to meet the population’s demands.  

    Americans are considered to be among the largest and most wasteful consumers on the planet.  There needs to be more education programs to help create awareness of the severity of this problem.

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    Wha, are you kidding me? Afcorse it is! Big time.

    I disagree with it ‘being necessary’, it is not.

    There can be some really good changes, no it will not be easy, but anything really good never comes easy. People will have to give up their extras for the benefit of those who needs those extras to survive..are you up to it? Can you be not selfish?

    Afcorse it is complex, but we all know what is good and what is not good for the whole, the planet, all beings living on it.. We should focus on that being justified..instead of focusing on your own stomachs and incomes..

    The governments should take control, choose the good side and give it to the inhabitants, Balance between nature and manmade structures is also very important, We are connected with mother Earth, we depend on her and she on us,so it seems, we must take the responsibility to care ,

    Because we have the choice, Destruction is easy, Healing and Building is difficult ,Lets choose the difficult and rewarding path!!!

    I know Im taking sidepaths here.. I just like to contribute to the discussion in my own way, The complete structure is still way to difficult for me to comprehend, but I understand some things.




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    Definitely yes.  We consume nearly 3 times as much oil as China, and we are 3rd for freshwater withdrawal.  We are also amongst the top naions in per capita calorie intake.

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    Yes.  We account for about 25% of the world’s resource consumption, yet we account for only 5% of the global population.  Consider these facts from WorldWatch Institute:

    • Of the world supply, the United States burns nearly 25 % of the coal, 26 % of the oil, and 27 % of its natural gas.
    • As of 2003, the U.S. had more private cars than licensed drivers, and gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles were among the best-selling vehicles.
    • New houses in the U.S. were 38 % bigger in 2002 than in 1975, despite having fewer people per household on average.
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    Absolutely. Because consumption is the lynchpin of the American economy, our livelihoods are essentially determined by how much we spend, use, and waste. More narrowly, America’s been flush with credit at least since the complete breakdown of the Gold Standard in 1973. This credit encourages excessive consumption and risky, bubbly investing trends that establish growth patterns that are inherently unstable. 

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