Would you compare anything to soilent green right now?



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    As of today I know of no projects by government to cook humans into food to feed to humans, so on that dimension: No.

    Also, it is still illegal to commit assisted suicide to control population.

    Soilent Green was also about the control of resources, today oil is one of the most concentrated markets. A few countries and companies control this resource and sell it to us their terms rather than as markets would dictate. But, since their is no shortage of oil, yet, this is not like Soilent Green because for the most part there is enough to go around.

    We will have enough resources for the next couple of decades, at least, to live as we do today.

    I have been speaking of the industrialized world though. In the poor parts of the world people are starving and are being kept from available resources by their governments and international corporations that would rather take as much profit as possible than share the returns on resource extraction to the people that live where the resource comes from. That is like Soilent Green because they are living lives of rationing and poverty when others are living comfortable and rich lives. We have enough resources and food to go around, we just use it in such a way that it does not get around. The best example is grain; we have enough grain to feed about 48 billion people but we feed most of it to animals that we then eat, this is an efficiency that comes at a great cost.

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