Would you choose a thoroughbred, cheetah, or a white tailed deer?

If a white tailed deer, a cheetah, and a thoroughbred race horse were racing a 5 mile race across flat, medium grassy terrain and you had to bet on one to win which would you choose? If the one you chose one you would receive 100 million dollars.



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    I would bet it all on the cheetah which can run about 70 mph (miles per hour). A thorough bred race course can run up to about 45 mph and the white tailed deer can run up to about 30 mph.

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      I see were you’re coming from but a lot of people make that mistake. A cheetah can attain speeds of 70mph for only 150 yards. Boiled down to the horse and the deer, that’s tricky. Thoroughbreds have been clocked at 50mph and white tails at 45mph, but deer have have a quicker start which makes a big difference. Thanks for answering.

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    I would certainly give it to the thoroughbred.  Cheetahs are cats and therefor have fast twitch muscles instead of slow-twitch muscles like horses.  This means that cats’ legs can move very quickly for short periods of time.  Unlike the cat, a horse’s legs can maintain a top speed for long distances.  Five miles is simply too long for a cheetah to maintain its speed.  Also, the white-tailed deer simply could not keep up with a horse in speed or distance.  I would like my $100 million dollars now, thank you 🙂

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    I would bet on the deer.  As stated previously, cats are sprinters.  Thorough-bred horses can not maintain top speed for long distances – most race tracks are under 1 1/2 miles long.  Deer run to escape predators and therefore must be able to run for distance as well as speed.

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