Would you change any of Obama’s picks for his environmental team?



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    Good question! Personally I would not. I think the key members of Obama’s team, such as Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, seem to have done generally well since coming into office; however, they haven’t been in office that long, and also their jobs are somewhat limited. Although she has a lot of visibility as the nation’s chief environmental enforcement officer, Lisa Jackson doesn’t have a lot of power in effect–she cannot make sweeping changes in environmental policy, at least not without the direction of Obama and most likely Congress too. I would like to see Obama have a higher-profile team dedicated to climate change issues. Although Al Gore’s stature on the issue makes him an obvious choice for a “global warming czar,” in reality I think that appointment would be too politically charged to come off well, but Obama could certainly pick a top non-political scientist or climatologist as the head of a dedicated climate change team. I’d like to see Obama himself take more of the lead on environmental issues, especially climate change. However, he’s got a lot on his plate right now with the health care bill and economic issues, so he may just not have had a chance to focus on environmental matters yet. It’s still very early in Obama’s term and there’s much that remains to be done.

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