Would you buy the Volt of the Leaf?



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    Not to endorse one over the other, but I feel as though the Volt has more usability in the current transportation structure with it’s gas range extension. The volt is also heavier and will probably have better handling as a result. Many of the Leaf’s specifications are unverified and inconsistent with different driving methods.

    And there’s always the aesthetic, I’m glad Chevy rearranged it’s original concept

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    I would probably buy the leaf because it is supposed to be about $15000 cheaper than the volt. It can go 100 miles on a single charge, which is much more than I drive in a typical day. Although I like supporting US companies, the Leaf seems like a more economical fit for my budget.

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    I agree with scott, the supplemental gas engine makes the Volt more attractive. The high cost of the Volt is disappointing, but for those who have long commutes, the price of the car should be recouped over its lifetime.

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    I would have to say that I would buy the Leaf. In terms of purpose, the cars are meant to be for drivers who drive short distances, but I like how progressive Nissan is being by trying to market an all electric car. Just to support the progress of the electric car, I would buy the Leaf.

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    I would probably buy the Leaf over the Volt.  If I were going to buy an electric car, then I wouldn’t want to have to rely on gas after just 40 miles.  It makes much more sense to buy the Leaf, in my opinion, because it is cheaper, and does a better job a running on electricity.

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    I would buy the Leaf. Aside from it being an efficient car and 100% electric, I like the overall look of the car. I think it is a great car to have and it is cheaper than the Volt.

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