Would you buy a Kindle and start to read only electronic books if the books were cheaper, like $5 per book as opposed to $15-20?



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    I wouldn’t. I agree that because it doesn’t cost as much to produce as a traditional book, the price could be lowered. But I see $5 as a slap in the face of the author. How much of that $5 would actually go to the author? Maybe a dollar? Probably cents on the dollar would be more like it. Most of the $5 would go to Kindle directly, then a little to the publishing company who made a deal with Kindle. Then the publisher gives the author a dividend of its portion. So as someone who respects the art of the writer, I would not likely participate. Plus, e-books just don’t appeal to me the same way as a book that fits on my shelf.

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    I hate reading things on a screen, although they have made special screens for Kindles to be safer on the eyes. I like feeling the weight of a book in my lap and thumbing through the pages.

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    I agree with the dissenters. I dislike the transience associated with purchasing a book on an e-reader. What happens if you want to read your book, but you forgot to charge your battery? What if the e-reader crashes, and you don’t have enough money to buy a new one at that moment?  I know e-readers like Kindle (or Nooks) have special ink, eliminating the backlit nature of the screen. However, as I discovered, the surface still reflects light. I like my nook a lot (I love that I can download the classics and arcane texts, legally and for free), but I prefer real-life books. 

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