would you be more inclined to smoke responsibly if…?? (Smokers Only)

…if there was always an ashtray where its needed and it was made from the litter itself, and by using it you would be helping remedy others acts of improper disposal. This Ashtray would educate the smoker of the repercussion of littering to the health and environment of everyone. What could be better than using the litter to facilitate the collection of the litter and to provide places to responsibly smoke.

Responsible Smokers Act and InnovaGreenSystems are teaming up to do just that. Smoking is a dangerous and filthy habit, littering takes those conseqeunces and shares the effects with everyone.

I ask only smokers, because over the decades i always see the same comments of quit smoking. Unless smoking is made illegal, we ALL will have to suffer from the acts of irresponsible smoking. Working together smokers and non-smokers…we can provide a solution to cigarette pollution, were nobody has to pay an increase of cleanup or product taxing. This Ashtray is self sustaining, a portion of all profits from the sale of this ashtray and the maintenance of these units, the collected material will be used to make ashtrays, amongst other products, that have one common goal, to help fund cleanups of the litter that will always be around,unless we educate the masses, there is a solution!



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    Okay, I’m not a smoker, but seeing as no one else has yet addressed this question…

    If I were a smoker, I don’t see why I wouldn’t be inclined to smoke responsibly if, as you outline, there was always an ashtray wherever I needed it.  I don’t quite understand how it would be made up of litter itself – made from recycled materials?  To be honest, while littered cigarette butts are undesired, I find as a non-smoker that second-hand smoke is more obnoxious.  This has clearly been addressed by smoking laws prohibiting smoking in many public areas and by the development of electronic cigarettes.  In fact, e-cigs are easily disposed of and don’t require ashtrays.  They may well be a more viable solution than the ultimate ashtray proposed here. 

    But if this invention is truly in the works, and your intention is to address those who won’t give up their traditional smokes, then I would think cigarette users would have incentive to use this ashtray as long as they cared about litter and pollution.  If not, you have a different issue to address regarding eco-cognizance. 

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      yes from the cellulose acetate in the filter, it will make the ashtray….thanks for your input,yet i am still in search of the smokers opinion,but nothing wrong with you hypothetically answering. yes e-cigs are an alternative, but will probably never replace the real thing. And yes they are pollution too, just not prevalent enough to notice its impact as cigarette filters have. which is worse,what we have now or millions of plastic encased disposable batteries? all we can do is give them a way to obey the laws given and use the ashtray as education to help change bad habits, you cant make anyone do anything, you can only try to help.taking cigarette litter and selling ashtrays made from it to fund future cleanups,seems like the only way to attack this problem at multiple angles. thanks again for your input!

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