Would you be interested in shopping at a 100% Bulk Style Grocery Store?

Although it may take a little more time to plan and shop, would you be open to shopping at a grocery store that sold all of its foods in “bulk” style. This would not be limited to dry goods, but would include refrigerated and frozen foods as well. As a shopper would you be willing to take the time to calculate how many re-usable containers and bags you would need to bring with you on each shopping trip on a weekly basis? In return for the extra investment in time, you would be helping the environment immensely and lowering your food budget!



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    I think that would be pretty awesome! I would love to have some standard refillable containers I could use to bring with me that the store would automatically know the tare weight on. I do a lot of baking and making things from scratch, so just getting the basics in re-usable containers would be awesome! I like getting bulk items at my local co-op, but I don’t bother with re-usable containers because a) I don’t have good containers for them in the first place–I want something square that will fit in my shelf to maximize storage space and b) I don’t like having to get a tare weight on the containers before I fill them. The people at the store kinda seem to think it is a hassle, too. They’re just not very approachable.

    If the store had some nice, sturdy standardized glass or plastic containers for everything with wide mouths so that could be washed easily and the employees knew the tare weight on each container, I think that would be totally awesome! I would prefer lightweight (yet sturdy) plastic (or maybe stainless steel) containers that would fit in my pannier bags over glass ones because I shop by bicycle and I know that items in glass containers are extra heavy.

    So… is this a project that you are condisering doing?I think it is a fantastic idea 🙂

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