Would the world be better off if we had a lower fertility rate?



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    Ultimately yes, because overpopulation is a big problem in the world today, and it generally affects poorer nations much more than wealthier ones. One problem with poorer countries is lack of human capital investment often leaves people with nothing to do except try to increase their family size in order to try to survive, however this tactic has a catch 22 because in these poorer areas (with scarce resources) a larger family can be as much of a detriment as it can be helpful. In “The Tragedy of The Commons, Garett Hardin proposes population control as a means of curbing overconsumption resulting from what he calls “the tragedy of the commons”

    Population control however should be a last resort tactic, and I certainly believe that we are not at that point in humanity yet.  A better system would be one where more investment goes into people (particualrly poorer people), allowing them to setup basic education, infrastructure, and medical policies to allow them to move forward sustainably. This is a much more humanitarian and egaliatarian approach to this issue, as opposed to trying to somehow limit their populations which would be almost impossible to do without some sort of regularly held mass executions.

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