Would we gain anything by bringing BREEAM over to the United States or is LEED just as good?



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    BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) was created in 1990, and many of the world’s building assesment methods, including LEED (Leadership in Engery and Environmental Design), have been based off of it. One of the biggest differences, however, is how credits are measured: BREEAM’s credits are based off of carbon dioxide, while LEED’s are based off of the US dollar. So this means that exporting LEED to countries where the exchange rate isn’t so great might not be favorable, it is tailored specifically for use in the US.

    LEED does seem to allow more discretion to building designers, which can be very positive (allows for more creativity and innovation on their behalf). However, it also can tend to focus more on the intention of a design feature than what it actually does (a designer intends something to save water, for example). BREEAM is a bit more strict regarding such things. Although it would be inefficient and a step backwards to destroy LEED and use BREEAM, integrating some aspects of BREEAM could help make LEED a more comprehensive program.

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