Would we all save energy if we just stopped cooking in our homes and eat takeout?



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    Not necessarily. If you think about it, eating out everyday would not help save energy. For one thing you would have to drive to pick up the food which expends energy and increases the green house gas impact. Depending on the place you chose to take out from, its likely that the place obtained its food from areas either out of the state of country. This in turn also expends energy and leaves a huge carbon footprint. Instead of eating take out, it is probably best if you buy food that was grown locally and cook it yourself. Hope this helped! 

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    You might save energy, but the amount of energy you’d save would be made up for in the food that is cooked for you in a restaurant.  In addition, you’d be paying a lot more.  Plus, thing of all the fuel that would be expended driving to a restaurant.

    Cook at home, it’s healthier and cheaper. 

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    I would think we could save energy if we all went to a cafeteria type restaurant, that had one thing on the menu and was only open limited hours.  This way we could minimize the energy used to cook the food and probably waste as well.

    If you are thinking about your personal electricity bill, yes you will save electricity if you never turn your stove or oven on, but you probably won’t save any money, since eating out is expensive.

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