Would vegans/vegetarians be okay with eating meat created in a lab since no animals would be killed in producing it?



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    It depends on the reason the person is vegetarian – some are for religious or health reasons. However, I think many vegetarians would probably like this option.

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    People have different reasons for being vegan/vegetarian. For some, it is purely in support of animal rights. Others do it for health/diet reasons. Some people simply have a distaste for meat. It is likely that those who are vegan/vegetarian because of a love for animals would consider eating meat that was produced with no murder or cruel treatment of an animal involved. But the idea of lab-created meat would likely be disconcerting to many people, just as genetically modified foods have caused concern.


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    It depends on the person.  Speaking purely from my point of view as a vegetarian, I would not.  Part of it is a purely logical one — I have lived without meat for 5 years and starting now would cause a very bad physical reaction.  Also, the concept just unsettles me.  However, you make a good point and I believe that some vegetarians might find it acceptable.  It’s a personal perspective.

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    It depends on the reasoning behind living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Some people like myself are vegetarian for multiple reasons from animal ethics to dietary needs but when considering lab produced meat I would want to know the environmental impacts of its production. For me, part of making the choice to be a vegetarian has to do with the issues of commercialization of global food production including its human and environmental impacts. Therefore, if production of the lab meat was not energy intensive and didn’t create environmental hazards such as spread of disease I would probably eat it. Then again, I live perfectly healthy as a Division-1 football player and vegetarian while being conscious of the environment so I think I am doing all right without meat of any kind.

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