Would the use of nanoparticles compromise the use of silicone?

There are a lot of potential issues with nanotechnology and its effects. This seems, like GE, to be a very unsettled area of science where the effects may be what is manifesting in such conditions as Morgellan’s Disease. We sure don’t need any “new type” fibers, etc. proliferating in our systems, or other members of the ecosystem and food chain. Count me in as suspicious of “nanos”!



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    I personally can’t speak to the possible correlation between nanotechnology and environmental hazard, but I can at least speak to the effect of nanotech on silicone. According to a 2007 University of Illinois study, coating a silicon solar cell with a thin film of silicon nanoparticles can “boost power, reduce heat and prolong the cell’s life”(see first link below).

    Your comments were very interesting though, and prompted me to look around for other environmental uses of nanotechnology. I did find an incidence of nanoparticles made from gold and palladium helping to break down toxic chemicals in ground water (see second link below). I agree though, the topic definitely merits discussion!

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