Would time square be under water if the sea level rose two feet?



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    Jeeze, you could figure this out by looking up “Times Square elevation”. Grin. Ok, I did that, just now. It’s 102 feet at the center.

    But your question has broader implications, and your intuition to ask was right! A two foot rise in world sea level would be catastrophic … like … maybe civilization entering another dark age. Folks tend to lose focus that two extra feet in sea level probably means two extra feet on the highest tide! Or in a tsunami. Imagine Japan last year, with an extra two feet of water! We’re talking possible global catastrophe at Fukishima!

    So maybe the day-to-day Times Square traffic wouldn’t notice anything unusual … but in the event of a Class 5 hurricane? Right over the Big Apple? Oh, no, I wouldn’t want to be there. I wouldn’t want my enemies to be there. I wouldn’t even want the Kardashians to be there!

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    Woot to what freedsmooth said. 

    Rising sea levels is a concern for coasts because not only is the water pushing back the beach front but the storms are destructive. London and New Orleans need storm surge defenses. Rising sea levels are also a huge conern fro shore-based communities in places like Nigeria and Tuvalu.

    Madang, on the coast of Pupua New Guinea, is experiencing damage due to storms. The stone walls that serve as windbreakers are eroding and  they fear that some day soon the storms would break their homes.

    To answer your question no.

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