Would there be a use for a textbook rental system?



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    Because textbooks are so expensive, and are frequently replaced by newer editions, it is likely that many students would find “renting” the books attractive. Some professors make copies of class texts available for checkout in the library or for use on site, to help those who want to avoid buying books new.

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    Also, because of our current budget crisis, university government funding has been cut and universities have been forced to either raise tuition or enforce furlough days. Students, feeling pressured by the higher tuition fees, would see value in being able to just rent a textbook, which is generally a lot cheaper than buying a new copy.

    In most cases, students have to take general education courses. Sometimes a student may see value in not having to buy a book for a class that is unrelated to their major.

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    This already exists at many schools, and it’s a really good idea. Not only does it cut down on waste and over-production, but it also helps broke students who have trouble affording pricey new textbooks every semester (which are many).

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