Would sippy cups for adults be a green idea?



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    It depends Celewyn, exactly what do you mean? With regards to a sport bottle hybrid, it sounds excellent. Or maybe as a coffee mug, that would be interesting. As a green idea, maybe biodegradable sippy-cups for adventures such as river rafting and the like would suit the market. Thanks for your question, and I hope I helped out!

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    I think that any type of sippy cup that is reusable is a good idea. In a lot of offices and homes people use disposable glasses for water or other drinks which is really wasteful. I think it is important that the cups be made out of materials that are safe for humans and are good for the environment. Plastic contains chemicals that leach into the water that hurts humans in the long run. I think the best kind of material for drinking is stainless steel like Kleen Kanteens. It does not have harmful materials in it and can be recycled when its use is over or if it breaks. 

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    I don’t think it’s so much the sippy aspect as a reusable cup.  Yes, it’s a greener idea to have reusable cups.  Sippy cups for adults may have some practical benefits, though.  For example, it could prevent date rape by making it more difficult to spike drinks.

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