Would showering only once a week be a good way to conserve water and go green?



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    This could be a great way to conserve water.

    However, going green is about being environmentally friendly with the Earth as a whole as well as keeping the individual healthy. If you feel that showering once a week will not compromise your health, then by all means, go green!

    For those who are more active or have strong body odor, showering once a week might be offensive to the rest of the community 🙂

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    You can shower more than once a week and still be green. You can buy a low flow shower head and reduce your water use by up to 50%. You can also take shorter showers and try brushing your teeth & washing your face while you’re in there. Also avoid PVC shower curtains. Invest in one made of bamboo or organic materials instead.

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    Absolutely, the posts already provided by both raspberryorchid and myeshasc are great ways to reduce water consumption in the shower. Additionally, there are shower heads that are made to pump water into the incoming shower–the purpose being to use less water while maintaining a good water pressure. This can be a green alternative that allows you to take a shower more than once a week…if you so choose. 

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    There are definitely numerous ways to go green and save water without sacrificing your hygiene. When I was younger I spent a lot of time on a boat and one of the first things I was taught was how to conserve water. Fresh water is a limited resource when at sea. So in an effort to conserve I would take “navy showers”. Basically, you simply turn the water on to wet yourself and then shut it off. You lather yourself up and then turn the water back on when you are ready to rinse rather than letting it run the entire time. Typically the water runs for less than 2 minutes total. 

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