would reusing and recycling orange juice cartons be consider going green



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    It’s a tiny part of it, yes. There are many, many more things, many of which will have vastly greater “green” consequences – such as driving less.

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      Thanks,B & B have been reusing orange juice and milk cartons along with cardboard,plastic shopping bags etc…And transform it all into a sustainable craft as a keepsake gift.Hoping that every little bit would help the environment.

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    Like rigibson said, really going green is a lifestyle choice, not an effect of recycling something.  In addition to driving less, trying to buy only local foods can help too – if your food doesn’t have to travel as far, it cuts down on carbon emissions.  This article is about going green on a student budget, but a lot of it is applicable for all sorts of lifestyles.

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    You’re off to a great start! I’ve attached a couple of links that should help you as a newbie to going green figure out some more steps you can take in the right direction.

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