Would a relaxation in environment regulation bring manufacturing jobs to the US?



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    Probably not.  The reason manufacturing jobs left the U.S. is more due to globalization, not regulation. People in some other countries, such as Indonesia, are willing to work for much lower wages than Americans are. So companies shifted the manufacturing jobs overseas so they wouldn’t have to pay their employees much, thus netting more of a profit.

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    As sarahtonin stated, it would probably make little impact. It is true somewhat that regulations for industry has made it so businesses must better maintain their waste, which may have been a problem for some. I believe the real reason behind it is gained profit and avoiding high taxes by outsourcing such jobs to other countries who are will to do the same job for less pay. The issue is that as the employees make more demands, many businesses don’t think they can comply, and some just don’t want to. Companies that are large and have the resources to move elsewhere do, because frankly there is no patriotism in business. Corporations are not legally bound to stay in the USA, and are willing to move if it improves their profits. With this at their disposal, it makes simply ‘taxing the rich corporations’ an ineffective tactic if they can simply avoid it by pulling up stakes and moving. 

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