Would nuclear power plants help or hurt the environment more?



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    Obviously this is a subjective question that depends in some part on your opinion. However, almost all of the country’s major and reputable environmental organizations continue to oppose nuclear power because of the enormous environmental problems connected with nuclear plants. No one has figured out a truly safe way to dispose of the radioactive waste already created by the world’s existing nuclear plants, and building more plants would simply compound this problem. Further, building more nuclear plants will encourage the spread of nuclear technology, greatly increasing the risk that terrorist organization and unstable governments may get their hands on technology that would allow them to build nuclear weapons. Finally, nuclear plants are incredibly expensive to build, and many environmental groups feel that our monetary resources would be better spent on investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that combat global warming without the inherent risks associated with nuclear power. The consensus among reputable environmental organizations is that nuclear power hurts the environment more than it helps.

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    In our energy situation right now, nuclear power offers quick almost-clean energy. In terms of helping the environment, it achieves this goal since it does not contribute to carbon greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The only problem is that radioactive waste needs to be somehow dealt with, whether that be through burial or other means. Nuclear energy also produces less carbon dioxide per unit of electricity than coal or gas. So it would be appropriate to assume that nuclear power is the cleanest energy alternative right now that produces as much as is demanded. Most energy people agree that nuclear power is the right answer and that it will not hurt the environment, or future populations. The most prominent issue at hand is the cost and expense.

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    It’s really tough to say with this one. My main concern with nuclear power is the disposal of toxic waste.  Any sort of leak can cause enormous environmental damage if it seeps through the ground or enters a body of water.  Nuclear is great in that it is carbon free, but there needs to be a surefire safe way to expose/store the waste before I will fully support it as an alternate energy source.

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    They would definitely help the environment especially it emits lesser amount of Co2 and other harmful green house gases that have potential of causing global warming. I also understand that the waste management of nuclear waste is mush easier and better than any other form of energy, which clrearly states that we are better off with nuclear energy.

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