Would poverty in the United States allow you a pretty comfortable living in most countries?



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    Although someone who has absolutely no money is ‘in poverty’ no matter what the country, it is true that what is considered a very low income in the US would be considered perfectly normal or even a little above average in most countries. The average income of an American is $35,746. This isn’t a great indicator, because there are a few Americans with billion-dollar salaries and many with no income, but this is still a pretty good indicator of what you can live comfortably on. By comparison, the average world income is about $8,000; again, there are a few who make a lot more than this and many who make considerably less. In many countries, the average income of the working class would be a couple hundred dollars or less.

    If you consider less than $8,000 a year poverty in the US, then yes, this would still be a good living to someone in many other countries.

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