Would orbital sunshades result in declines of crops or large areas receiving too little sunlight?



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    Orbital sunshades would do more harm than good. For what the scientists launching the orbital sunshade may predict, there will be latent effects that would be potentially globally threatening. Nature is in a balance that works with life. It is a delicate balance that supports all life on this planet and humans are consistently removing themselves from nature and trying to control it. While it may be possible by some feat using mass amounts of energy or something along those lines, it is not the best idea to mess with nature. It should be accepted and humans should focus more on protecting themselves from it and dealing with the problem rather than controlling it. The sunshade if not able to position itself may result in mass declines of crops because of large areas not receiving enough sunlight. Plus a sunshade is costly and difficult to build, requiring large amounts of resources that we do not have to waste at the moment. 

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