Would offices be better places to work if they had more indoor plants?



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    There are a number of studies that show positive benefits of having indoor plants in the workplace. Studies have found that workers are more productive, less stressed, and healthier. Plants may combat “sick building syndrome” where toxins from furniture, carpeting, etc., cause upper respiratory problems and eye irritation. Plants can also reduce the heating and cooling load of an office by up to 20% if properly placed.

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    That depends on many factors, including the type of work and the type of workers. From my personal opinion I think indoor plants are great ways to brighten up a workplace and make it look more lively. Workers should feel like they are at a home away from home. Even minor things like adding some plants may be just enough to make a worker feel good about sitting down and working at their desk.

    In terms of eco-friendliness I don’t think some plants make that much of a difference. Perhaps having herbs and small vegetable plants would be a good way to provide fresh food for workers at times, but even that’s just a minor things.

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