Would more green space in cities help people realize the importance of nature?



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    This is just my personal opinion, but I don’t think it would do that much. Nature is so much more than just green space. For me when I see green space in a city it just looks nice and it’s a good break from the skyscrapers. But I have never seen green space (unless it’s huge, like central park perhaps) as very nature-like. You lack the wildlife, the quiet, the sereneness. For people to really realize the importance of nature, I think they need to both research the topic and experience true nature first hand.

    Those are just my thoughts though.

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    Green space in urban areas tend to be highly manicured pieces of real estate. Even very natural seeming parks in big cities were planned by designers, to only imitate nature. I think that parks do help people appreciate nature and wildlife, but they definitely do not get the whole experience simply by sitting on a bench during their lunch hour. City parks and green spaces are still human creations for human purposes, whereas nature is not because it is bigger and more complex than that.

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    If people already don’t care for the environment, I unfortunately don’t think that more green space in cities will change their opinions much.  Most people are just focused on getting from point A to point B during the day, and don’t pay attention to much else.  I would hope that it would inspire some people to care more about the environment, but my thought are that not very many people would take the bait. 

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