Would the Mexican Gulf dead zone be a good place to have wave power?



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    Possibly, if siting a wave farm there could be economical and technologically feasible. The “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico is a large swath of oxygen-deprived water off the coast of Louisiana where little marine life can be supported. Wave power is a very tricky proposition, however. The technological and economic barriers to harnessing wave energy are considerable, and the waves themselves have to be right in order for the technology to work. Wave farms do potentially have negative effects on marine ecosystems, and siting one in a zone that is deprived of life in the first place would help mitigate its effects. However attractive this may sound, the decision to site a wave farm in the Gulf of Mexico would probably be driven first and foremost by these economic and technological factors, and whether a wave farm would stand a realistic chance of surviving the many hurricanes and other severe conditions that often plague that area of the Atlantic.

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