Would less population growth or new agricultural methods be better?



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    That depends on the levels of population growth and how committed we get to improving agricultural methods. Personally I think population growth will be pretty consistent, meaning that even if there’s less population growth it would be so small of a change that there would be little change to greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand there are methods that can be put into place relatively easily in the agricultural area that drop U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 5 to 14 percent. This to me seems like a pretty significant drop, compared to what wouldn’t be that significant of a change from less population growth.

    Please read the linked document for more information about new agricultural methods.

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    I think that less population growth would be better in the long run simply because we already create enough food to feed the people on the planet, but like water resources, food resources are unevenly distributed. New agricultural practices will only be provide a better solution if they do not tax other resources and if we find ways to also house the population that will continue to increase if provided adequate food.

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