Would Jesus be green?



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    He didn’t have a car, use electricity, or contribute to anything excremental to the environment, so yes I would say he was green. If he was around today, I would think he’d want the best for the planet and the continuity of mankind.

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    Furthermore, Jesus would want us to take care of all the creatures on earth, because they we (theoretically) created by God the Father. Therefore, Jesus would support climate change awareness and espouse a lifestyle that doesn’t (indirectly) threaten any species on earth.

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    It’s hard to say, though I’d like to think so. What is safer to say is that Jesus would not have been hateful towards the land, sea, and skies. He showed disdain for moneychangers in the temple, so certainly would have had issues with big business.

    Plus, if “Jesus saves,” as the saying goes, then that automatically makes him a conservationist, so to speak.

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    When considering his ideals, philosophies, and ways of preaching, one can say he might be green. But take account of the fact of how much subjectivity can lie in today’s written text about Jesus or any prophet for that manner. Time is a factor and considering their time period, being green wasn’t of concern.

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