Would it take too much time and effort to grow organic corn to be used for biofuel?

Also I was wondering do we actually use corn or the plants that corn grows on?



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    In most businesses, time is money.  It is entirely possible to grow organic corn for biofuel, yes.  However, many companies want to manufacture the most they can for the least amount of money.  Organic corn would take more time and money, so it is not favored.

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    Not just that, using the corn by product ethanol to replace our fuel needs may have a very harsh effect on the environment and economy, costing many agriculture jobs if many producers switched to corn. Studies have also shown that building plants and growing the amount of corn needed for ethanol production is actually worse for the environment, as well as encouraging more capitalistic tendencies, putting rural communities at a lesser value than companies that can afford to start and operate the plants.

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