Would it stop the poachers if the rhino’s horns were already cut off?



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    It does not look like it would. Even if the rhino is de-horned, there is still a chunk of it left (to remove that chunk would be harmful to the rhino) that still has great value. Also, with the nature of many poachers, if they were to hunt down a rhino and find it without a horn, many would shoot the rhino anyways just out of spite and frustration. 

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    At a conservancy in Africa, they do dehorn their rhinos to protect from poaching.  While some poachers sell rhino horns on the black market, some kill just for sport or their meat and hides.  Simply cutting off a rhino’s horn would not help the situation if the poacher were after another part of the animal.  In the wild, it would be difficult, not to mention stressful on the animals, to dehorn dozens of rhinos.  They often bust their horns accidentally, but they will continue to grow, so it would be a never-ending endeavor.

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    According to the anti poaching unit on the Shamwari Game Reserve, de-horning isn’t a solution because they don’t believe that this will stop the poachers, they will still hunt the rhinos for sport and possiblt kill them for spite.


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    It seems cruel to remove their horns, and they would still kill them and sell something else of the rhino.  Maybe every rhino should wear a hidden camera!

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